Mark Hamill Keeping Busy With New MOO, More Games & Movies (February 23, 2016)


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It would be easy to chalk up Mark Hamilla??s appearance in Squadron 42 as a favor to Chris Roberts, but Colonel Blair's digital resume continues to grow. Hea??ll be joining another famous video game franchise when the new Master of Orion comes out in just a few days. The strategy game will actually have quite a lot of sci-fi cred with Michael Dorn, John De Lancie and Dwight Schultz from Star Trek as well as Alan Tudyk from Firefly / Star Wars Rogue One all playing various roles. There are also several Origin vets involved in the new MOO's production. Later on this year Mr. Hamill will also be voice acting in Lego Marvela??s Avengers, and all of this is on top several times playing The Joker in various recent Batman games and animations. And of course, he's doing something involving a Star Wars film too.

Explorers! Master of Orion has assembled a star-studded cast of acting talent who have leant their voices to the gamea??s galactic inhabitants. In this video, you can discover which names from the world of science-fiction, horror and video games are behind the eclectic races.

Hamill: "Off on another galactic adventure.And what a star-studded cast! I'm the only one I've never heard of."

Original update published on February 23, 2016
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Oh neat!

This was not something I worked on when I was with WGA, but I sorta followed it. That's an impressive cast they got!