Macintosh WC Demo Recovered (November 29, 2009)


A lot of fans have never experienced Super Wing Commander, a Macintosh and 3DO revision of Wing Commander 1 and the Secret Missions, featuring improved graphics, full speech and an entirely new set of missions. Our copy of the Mac demo was lost or damaged in a server move, and the only known source was an old magazine coverdisc from Inside Mac Games. We never did find a copy of that disc, but the demo recently resurfaced over at the Macintosh Garden! We've mirrored the file here (34 MB). Even if you don't own a Mac, you may still want to check out its unique Claw Marks and Playguide in electronic format.

Original update published on November 29, 2009
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This is great news! I was going through old IMGs trying to find the disc with the demo on it with no glad it showed up somewhere else!


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Great news indeed, everything WC must be preserved. I have a copy of SWC for MAC lying around for quite some years now and I hope to get to play it sometime in the future. I certainly hope to get myself a new PC until the end of the year and then maybe I'll try out that Basilisk emulator...


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Basilisk 2 runs too fast on my pc :(
When I set SWC to maximum graphics sound/music etc it's still too fast to be playable! Basilisk 2 needs a timer.