Logos for Entire Series Vectorized! (October 11, 2020)


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elend's vectorized Wingleader logo was a big hit, so he decided to make more. And once he got started, he couldn't leave anything out! The results are twenty gorgeous logos based on the prime art for each game. He closely followed the reference art available to make each one as accurate as possible. Plus, he's made several more Origin-centric logos for good measure. Each one is backed up by a PDF that can be infinitely scaled to fit whatever your logo needs are! Grab them all in one convenient pack here (51 meg zip). And check out the massive logo bomb below - they look pretty slick all lined up!

Original update published on October 11, 2020


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Oh well, the source is in .cdr because I am working in Corel Draw unfortunately. I can send you those, if you like. I can also try to export to .svg but I did have mixed results so far. Maybe my current CDR version works better, though. Gonna try this later at home and will report back!


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Hope this Logo is Ok for the Collection


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I didn't see anything obviously wrong with that, thanks for sending that through. Generally they're all quite simple but I was quite impressed with the details of the Rapiers in the Arena logo (and the lettering) and the texture of the 'Prophecy' lettering in the WCP logo. Did you work from a reference or a source render or create from scratch? The few times I've played with vector images I worked from a reference.


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Well I worked from the original Logos of course as a reference. The ships in the Arena logo I painstakingly re-created from an upscaled version of the logo. They are definitely not 100 % accurate, but look good enough on normal sizes. Just don't print the logo 10 meters in width. :p The "texture" in the Prophecy is not really accurate as well, because it is just a "grunge, dust, scratches"-texture I found and converted to vector. But with stuff like this it's not as obvious, if it differs from the original.

So, if SVG export seems to work, I can export all of them to SVG if that's easier for your purposes to handle.