Language Lesson: Grimalkin (July 3, 2022)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Embarrassing discovery: “grimalkin” is a real word which means cat, often a witch’s familiar. This means I have been missing a joke in Special Operations 2 for THIRTY YEARS. Paladin renames a captured freighter the Grimalkin for the titular special operation. I always assumed it was just a second Kilrathi name because the cats knew the Gamal Gan had been captured!

Additionally: I learned this not by noticing it in Shakespeare or Hawthorne but because ballroom_blitz got me PYEWACKET, an old children’s book about a gang of cats. We’ve been reading a bit before bed each night!

Original update published on July 3, 2022


It's a grey cat. ;)

In the wcrpg we had a wing which consited of "Kitten", "Malkin" and a few other cat named humans. Good times. ;)


My family had a group of cats growing up; my mother named one of them Pyewacket. Good cat but he had an annoying tendency to want to play with my eye sockets claws out while I was asleep...