Kinda Sad


Normally I don't post about my personal life, but this is somewhat related.

My friend who introduced me to Wing Commander, so many years ago...

He dad committed suicide last Tuesday.

Now my friend is serving as a ground crew to one of the US Navy's S&R Helicopter squads, (WC influence there) and was away.

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That is very sad. My Dad passed away 12 days ago at age 60. He was battling cancer for a little over a year and I was able to spend a decent amount of time with him (still wish I had spent more). He was a fighter pilot, then airline pilot of the 777, and on his free time an evangelist who worked with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. That last part is reassuring knowing he is in Heaven. My signature is a Wing Commanderized version of a quote he told me about from a book he read.

That would be very hard to have your Dad go unexpectedly while you're away and especially by suicide. I can relate to losing a Dad, but I can't imagine how that circumstance must be for your friend.

My great-great grandpa committed suicide and my great-grandpa went on to live a long life of 89 years and raise 6 children with a loving wife. He was always known as having a lot of energy and being a very positive person. Hopefully your friend will bounce back like that.


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I doubt there is much worse then can happen. My sincerest condolences. My uncle died last summer of an unexpected heart attack, so the shock is definitely something I know well, but even worse when someone takes their own life. Then you have to wonder what was so bad that the poor guy felt he had no other way out.
The worst is the numb feeling that comes with it. Your heart beats but you barely know it and your arms and legs go cold. It's a bad feeling, really bad. I mean the shock is one thing, the pain and sadness is definitely bad, but I think the numbness is the worst.
Well anyway, back on subject. That really sucks man. We'll all be thinking of ya and him, I'm sure. :)