Kill Count Challenge?


Doomsday's Neighbour
Maybe we can have a derivative of the no-dying challenge would be to count the number of missions flown in one sitting before dying? (and post to youtube as one long clip)


Petty Officer
When I get my new PC set up in a month, I'm well up for this.
Perhaps instead of not being allowed to die, we also post up how many times we died. Restarting a mission due to failing objectives could count as a death.
That's kinda how the multiplayer killboard on CIC is set up. There's kills, deaths, and ejects. I think I would need something like that, considering there's some missions I never beat the first time (the Gwenhyvar and the last SO1 mission with the double Fralthras come to mind). Kills could add to an overall score, while dying takes away from it (maybe?)


Rear Admiral
This sounds like fun, particularly since I just started playing again. Would you be opposed to me "merely" doing some of the later games (as in WC3/4 and maybe Propechy)? Also, what difficulty do you suggest for those games in particular? I feel confident that I could complete 3 on "Hard" without dying, or I could try a full-on "Nightmare" run, but I'm quite certain I'd die a few times at the very least.


Petty Officer
I think keeping the killboard as flexible as possible (within reason) would get more people to compete. I was thinking there could be a kill tally for each individual game, as well as a cumulative total. I think at this point, we just need someone to actually DO it. Someone from CIC would have to set it up (or at least, someone waaaaaaaaaay more savvy with this kind of stuff than me...)