It's not the movies...


Some of you may remember a news post from the CIC, August 1, 1999. It Confirmed the presence of a Rapier at the Easton Town Center in Columbus Ohio.
here is a pic from the CIC ]Here is the pic from the CIC[/URL]
Well, I live in Columbus Ohio. The Rapier was on lease to Planet Hollywood. Unfortunitally, Planet Hollywood closed that location. AND THEY TOOK MY RAPIER WITH THEM!!! :eek: :(
The Rapier was literally the center piece of the collection at the Easton location. it was suspended above the escalators to the 2nd floor AMC, so it was like a fly-by every visit.
I felt more priviledged than the rest of the WC community, even LOAF. Cause I had Rapier in MY home town.

P.S. i'll look for some better pic.s of the Rapier.
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Wow. I'm so elated to know this. My life is now complete. :rolleyes:

Diane, take notes. Columbus, Ohio not only had a Rapier from the Wing Commander movie, but has only mildly interesting pie. Oh, and ask Gordon about that One-Armed Man.


well, LeHah it's nice to know you don't care about columbus. after the season the blue jackets had, im not sure i care anymore myself:rolleyes: