It's About The Future! (August 10, 1998)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Finally, news that doesn't involve the Wing Commander Movie! At long last, it's Secret Ops info! And good Secret Ops info at that! Boomer posted a note to about the upcoming addon, of which you can find an excerpt below. Keep watching
Starting early next week, between then and August 24 expect to see some serious increase in activity on the website. That's when things should begin begin to accelerate... Beginning with the web based episode 'interface', we'll be adding some 'lead-in' fiction to start setting the stage for the overall plot of Wing Commander: Secret Ops. The 1st installment of fiction is mainly designed to umm.. 'explain' the Wing Commander universe to those unfamiliar with the Wing Commander games (we're hoping to attract people to Wing Commander that has never played it before). That will lead in to fiction that is designed to set the stage & plot for Secret Ops (All you 'old hands' will probably have some good fodder to pick apart ;). By then it'll be time for the episodes to begin.

Original update published on August 10, 1998
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