IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.26 now available


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for some reason the maroon color is now black. here is a picture of the briefing screen:


the in-flight problesa are the same, all the hud elements (afterburner fuel, weapon energy, ship picture, crosshair, red/blue target brackets) are still there, but not the cockpit struts or any modeled graphics. i couldnt get a screenshot of the inflight part because they all ended up being pure black.

i hope this helps,


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Well, it is possible that the 8400 GS doesn't support our HDR - after all, it is at the very bottom of the 8000 series.

Right now, I'm playing on a machine with an old, old 6600 - I also get a black screen when HDR is enabled (but I didn't expect it to work in any case :) ). I'm surprised that this might be the case also for a card that's two generations younger... but who knows?


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I think poopnoodle may be running on a laptop - mobile version of the Geforce 8400 ("Geforce 8400m GS", he wrote). It is quite posible that it wouldn't support HDR.

Max Gene

I finally had the chance to download and install the patch tonight, and my 7300GT now works perfectly. No blackness for a background, ships are all visible. Excellent work!


For me it seems i could fix the crashes when i set in the Nvidia Control Panel (got an 8800GT) "Extension Limit" to on, its under Manage 3D Settings there. Might worth a shot if you have a Nvidia Card and keep crashing about 10 Minutes into a Mission, played Story and lots of Simulator since then without a crash.


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Yes, that's not a problem... although if all goes well, we'll be releasing patch 1.27 either today or tomorrow (...or, if something goes wrong... well, then I don't know :p ), so you might as well wait for that.


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For people who can't use autoupdate for some reason, I'll have the whole Episode 5 installer updated and put up on our website a few days after we release our next patch (within the next two days, hopefully). The thing is, I had hoped to wait until most of the patching and updated sim missions would be done so I woudn't have people without autoupdate having to re-download the full setup package too often... but on the other hand, since releasing the updated sims is still a about two weeks away, better let you guys who can't use autoupdate have the update.

Kaunisto, out of curiosity, why can't you use autoupdate ? The internet connection on your gaming PC sucks and you actually download your stuff from somewhere else ?


Well, it is kind of important to release 1.26 as there is a game-stopping bug (jump'n'crash) in 1.25 that is a problem on most everyone's computers.


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There is no internet connection on my gaming PC at the time and I download at work (taxpayers money well used).