Important Announcement

The new version is available, it contains:

- an unholy amount of new ships. Tiger's Claw? check. All the WC1 fighters? check. Kilrathi bases? check. And more.

- New massdriver graphics

- Planet surface and ring texture fixes

- Fix for annoying Galaxy graphics crash bug

- Couple of new cockpits

The code for these things isn't finalized yet so give me a little more -- I'm redoing the asteroids to hellcatv's specifications. This means that you should not see any changes until getting the updated small file -- which isn't ready yet.

Please send an email of thanks to for her support and help during this time (I had an extremely busy week).

This is the LAST TIME that wcu-data.rar is touched by me, additions will go in wcu-data-udpate.rar so I will only subject you to a big download (22mb) only once.

Hope you enjoy!

(NOTE: WCU-data.rar is currently being uploaded and should be done by the time I'm done making breakfast)


Guest and wcu-code.rar not updated

Great work spiritplumber, your work is greatly appreciated.

I notice that is not updated, is it ok?

Does wcu-code.rar need to be unzipped over privateer? is NOT part of the release :) and yes, the code and data need to be unzipped over privateer.

Right now the code hasn't been updated yet, so no new ships will appear in the game. I'll update as soon as I'm done with the asteroids.

I just wanted to make sure I had the big download finalized, the small download is less of a hassle to get :)


spiritplumber said:
The code has correspondingly been updated. For kicks, try to shoot an asteroid and tractor in the result. Or land on the Tiger's Claw. Whatever. I don't care anymore.

Whats wrong spiritplumber? You seem upset?


I love the new version!
Been playin' it for the last few hours.
Especially the new jump points!
That Delphinus was/is an eye popper!!!
Not sure if it's my imagination, or what, but the Retros & Pirates seem more aggressive in this version.
Great work!