If I had $1,000,000


I'd buy the barnaked ladies, and force them to play concerts for nothing.

and buy a Rapier.:D
and the kilrathia saga.
and possibly a few other WC items, like the books.
how about u?


First i will contract a hitman to erase that happy face from your head, Second i will contract some bad-ass gangsters to rape you and your family, and when your shiny and red will be on flames i will buy a Colt.45 to destroy your intestines from inside (gotcha?).
later i will impale you in a big stick and buy a lot of beer to all the CZers and make a party in your honor !



Why, yes I AM Happy.
so what's ur beef, and or damage?

"just because sun rays don't shine on your day, doesn't give you the right to rain on mine."


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Originally posted by Ghost
i will buy a Colt.45


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What I'd Buy

Well, I think I would certainly purchase the Kilrathi Saga. But I know that I would have to save money to pay for college. BAH! I think I would also want to buy either the Toyota MR-2 Spyder or the New Beetle. Yahoo! But that certainly would be a great deal of money to go out on dates with the g/f. Koolness! Now where do I get this million bucks??


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Hell yeah, Frosty, that post was THE SHIT!!!;) Oh yeah...and if I had $29 million more, I'd buy one of our new F-35 JSFs!


Originally posted by Wulf
Oh yeah...and if I had $29 million more, I'd buy one of our new F-35 JSFs!

Oh yes! I'd buy a JSF too! Those jets are marvelous. Have you seen it's engine nozzle in action for VTOL? It's like something out of Robotech. The whole engine moves around.

It must be an avionics nightmare, though. Think of all the wires....

They're gonna' rule the skies. I think moreso than the F-22, IMHO.


Am I the only one who would invest to try to make more money?

(Or am I just fooling myself, and would really go blow it all? :D )


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Heck yes I'd invest, but why even think about it? I am never going to have a million. Unless I become that hot shot film maker I want to become... hmmm anyone have a spare million for me to get started?


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Yea we need to bring back Wing Commander ASAP. When the heck is there going to be another game. Common dammit!!! This stupid 8-ball lied to me three friggin times in a row... what else to try to predict when the next game will be released...?


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Originally posted by Happy
If I had another Mil. i'd infance another WC game. come on lotto.
My guess is that it would take a lot more than that to produce another WC game... :)