How to (better) promote Arena?


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I've been kicking around that idea for a while. What would the interest be for everybody? If we could get the numbers that we get for the CIC bday, we could have a really great event.

I'd like to do a trifecta of events (Arena, WCP and Armada) so that all the MP possibilities would be showcased as well as hopefully allowing every wingnut to participate.

It could be like a one night event or a weekend long thing, so that wingnuts around the world could also be involved and not have to be up at some random time.

So who's interested?


Rear Admiral
I'd participate in the Arena matches. I'm generally free in the evenings (I live in the central US time zone) during the week and pretty open on weekends. I'll be gone the week of Sept 24-29th though.


Mpanty's bane
Of course, I am interested as well - though I currently only have the possibility to play Arena.

I do not have much time until the first of october but on the other hand, I am rather free when to take two hours off. Week-ends are often busy for me.

My timezone is GMT +2 hours due to summertime.


I'm all for it, although my schedule is getting a little busy right now. My weekends end evenings are packed, so I'd have to play during the day. I'm in the same time zone as Mekt (GMT +2).