Help; Priv2 Messineo Couriers Ex-Mining Base


Hi, All...

I've played PRIV2 since the year of it's release (old-timer WC fan here, but mainly Privateer and Privateer 2).

There is one bulletin board mission that I have ALWAYS had trouble with and I have NEVER been able to accomplish it. Very shortly after arriving at NAV 225 (I mean sometimes within SECONDS, at most a half a minute or so) I get a "failure message"; no matter WHAT I do.

This is the bulletin board mission "Messineo Couriers - Ex-Mining Base" (pays 20,000). There is a write-up here at WCNews:

... any help, hints, SOLUTIONS would be appreciated.
... Thanks
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Me too. I was never able to finish this.

Even with a Military Dreadnought as my freighter and all defending messineo destroyer changed into dreadnoughts as well, i've always lost.

The stolen military transports simply have too much firepower and armor to be destroyed fast enough, before they manage to destroy the mining base, even when there are 4 military dreadnoughts defending the area.

I always assumed the key lies in the "Kindred ships are now massing at a nearby navpoint" message. Though i checked every accessible navpoint (though some are behind 225 which you can't reach without going over 225) and never found the massing ships.
If there would be such a navpoint a single nuke could surely solve the problem.


Thanks, Lin

Oh well. I was hoping that there is probably some "weird little trick" or "off-beat" strategy to win this mission, but for now I am assuming that the mission is glitched. (how did it get past playtesting?)

I've tried eveything... hitting the enemies with a NukeEm immediately upon entering the waypoint, BSE II's, etc.

MAYBE someone out there knows something and will post.

OR, maybe some of these "extraction and editing Gurus" can (eventually) do something to fix the mission and make it win-able.

(if the "Gurus" get THAT far, there are a couple of other things that I would like to change in P2... )