Halo fan makes 7 foot, 112 pound, UNSC Frigate from 25,000 Legos


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Here's more information
LEGO Halo UNSC Katara custom build specs:
  • Length: Just under 7 feet (approximately 2.1 meters)
  • Width: 32 inches at the widest point (81 cm)
  • Weight: 112 lbs (51 kg)
  • Piece count: Approximately 25,000
  • Lights: 150+ (Steve: “It really looks cool, I promise.”
LEGO Halo fan spends 5 years designing & building 7-foot UNSC heavy frigate from 25,000 bricks
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I keep getting excited when I read "Halo fan makes 7 foot..." then get disappointed when I read the rest of the title. I expected it to read "Halo fan makes 7 foot actual size Master Chief statue".