German WC Saga Released! (November 28, 2015)


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The long awaited German language version of Wing Commander Saga has been released. A special launch trailer was also provided in the run up to their counter hitting zero. On top of the audio conversion, the game got new subtitles, an enhanced fiction reader, better game flow navigation, in game graphical improvements and support for newer technology. English speaking players have also benefited from the development process as elements are made available for Saga Plus. Big congrats to Luke and team for toughing it out to make this upgrade a reality. Grab WC Saga Deutch here!

It's an exciting time for our fans in Germany and Austria as a group of talented individuals produced a German version of Wing Commander Saga. In addition to the German translation this addon also introduces many enhancements to the original release of the game. A detailed list of all new features is available here.

Original update published on November 28, 2015
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