Gemini Sector RPG: Crowdsourcing NPCs for the TCS Majestic


Hey all!

The Gemini Sector RPG needs your help!

We need more NPCs, so I figured, why not lean in on the awesome community here. The divisions are: pilots (Rapier and Sabre), medical, intell, communications, navigation, engineering, maintenance, kitchen and any other department you want that makes sense to have a on Bengal class carrier. Also, no Firekkan/double helix/kilrathi.

For the portrait, you can use or draw something up. Please no copyrighted images.

If you submit a character, we'll see if it would fit in, and hopefully integrate it into the game.

Here are some example NPCs


Here is the template to fill:

[[include CharacterBox
|image=Image URL
|name=Character Name
|branch=Branch of Service
|unit=Assigned Unit
|marstat=Marital Status
|actor=Actor Name


++ Background
<Give some brief history or display your whole written BG. Up to you!>

++ Prior Deployments
<Where has your char been? What ships were they on? What battles have they fought in? Maybe they had a cool assignment someplace?>

++ Achievements
<Medals, letters of commendation, sniper-tastic awards? Dole 'em out here.>

++ Demerits
<Does your char like to get in trouble? Seen some brig time? Maybe they got drunk and stole a Stil and went joyriding with the Admiral's daughter. Anything official and on the record goes here.>

++ Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)
<This is where you would put IC info that your Department Head would have access to in your file. If your prior stowage with the Admiral's daughter earned a letter of admonishment that would be hand-written and inserted, stick that here!!! Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be negative, either.>

++ Other IC Info
<Things other players should know about you. Your desc only says so much. Or so little. Everything you put down here is fair game for most people to know about by either by reputation or fact.>

++ Gallery
[[gallery size="thumbnail"]]
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