Free game (Babylon 5: I've Found Her))


I don’t know if this as been already mentioned around here, if it has forgive me.
I’ve found out this project called Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her. It’s a free game or at least it seems to be the first episode of it. The graphic quality is pretty good and the gameplay appears to be good as well. I haven’t fully played it yet, only tried it for a few minutes so I can’t give you much more info than this. Any way, here are some screenshots and the web address.


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Yeah I did try it out one time, its verry well done. Only problem was my PC it was to slow to run it properly. Allso I heard good things about BUDA, didnt they do a FS2 TC to B5?


Having only watched one episode of B5...I have no idea what the premise of the game would be but this does sound interesting. I might have to try it out...


As far as what's next with B5 I've Found Her, the developers say they have run into a few speedbumps that they are trying to resolve before creating the full game. They are not able to give a projected completion date at this time, but they have assured their fans that they are indeed still working on it.


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B5 I found her is better than some bargain bin stuff I have played. If you guys have a decent computer prolly 1.0 Ghz or higher and dsl download this game now. Plot looked like it would be really interesting. The main will probably be about the telepath war which was only referenced in one of the seasons finales. Thankfully this was a short game--had some papers to write before spring break. Gameplay was great. Especially hyper space which was scary the first time I flew in it. It crashed my old computer when I downloaded it the first time. On my new machine this thing kicks so much butt. It's just plain beautiful.

I have some more to write but I dont want to hi jack this thread.