FPS drop when facing capships/stations


Is anyone else getting a severe FPS drop (from a steady 60 to 10-15) when they're facing any large ships? It's making some missions almost impossible to play and landings utterly ridiculous.

Computer is an i5-750 (4 cores @ 2.66ghz), 4 gigs ram, with a geforce 7800 that can play vanilla FS2_Open perfectly. Maybe it doesn't like the models?


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Thanks for sharing. Geforce 7800 is a fairly old card and by the looks of it it can't handle some of our models. You can try some performance tweaks suggested here.


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I tried the OpenGL hack, and the mission escorting the Armageddon to Hyperion 6 is still really slow, especially anytime the Armageddon is onscreen. I hope I installed it correctly. It didn't seem to be too complicated, but it didn't seem to help too much.... Am I doing something wrong? I saved the cmdline_fso.cfg file to the Saga data folder


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....honestly I have no clue. What kind of video card do you use? I only had that kind of problem when using an old video card I borrowed from my father while mine wasn't working, an old nVidia 7800 gt.

For more technical help you should visit the Saga forum (German or English), there the chance is a bit higher to find answers to your technical questions.

EDIT: Everything newer than approximately four years should run smoothly, btw. So if your video card is older you might want to spend fifty bucks for one that doesn't need any patches. :) But that's the only thing know that helps. :(