Four Queens!!! (September 14, 2016)


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Joe Garrity came across a cool artifact in his massive Origin collection that he'd like to share. This is the set of Confed playing cards that were used during the filming of Wing Commander 4. Joe's pulled out the four-of-a-kind that Maniac ominously used to defeat Vagabond before his final mission. If you found yourself in the Origin Museum, would you play with these cards? Or are they too valuable to touch?

I sometimes stumble across some of the more insignificant items in the Origin Museum archives. Here we have a deck of Terran Confederation cards used in the production of "Wing Commander IV-The Price of Freedom". These are the actual cards you see being held by Maniac, aka, Tom Wilson. To those who are familiar with the storyline, Vagabond losing to Maniac in poker foreshadows his own death. Some folks may say that it's just a deck of cards. To game preservationists, it's a physical piece of gaming history!

Original update published on September 14, 2016
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Always wanted to have a deck of cards like those - I collect decks of cards; got some in my collection from several different countries. Would really like to add a German- or Swiss-German-suited deck to my collection one of these days.

No question about it; I'd play with those cards.

I remember Vagabond's hand was Aces and Eights (the dead man's hand, of course); don't recall what his kicker was.


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By the way, if any enterprising WC fan were to put together a poker case (such as in the image below) with the TC logo (and/or other WC logos/images) on the chips/cards, I would be first in line to buy one...
Err, assuming it doesnt cost an arm and a leg :p



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@ChrisReid Didn't the CIC made more of these card decks a few years ago that you could buy on this site ? I seem to recall those being sold alongside the Confed glasses ?