Flight Cmdr 1.5 Released


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Flight Commander 1.5 is available for download.

New features for players include:

  • Players can control turrets on their fighters, including a new turret hud.
  • Mouse support
  • Captions support
  • Conversations with characters between missions
  • Moving doors/movies and sound effects in the gameflow
  • Multiple comms/insults for more variety
  • Nav points have names

New features for modders include the following, including 39 new script commands.
  • Save variables between missions
  • 6 new scripting commands available during combat.
  • Fully customize all the music easily
  • Briefings:
    • Fully customizeable, scriptable briefings. Add voice actors, move ships, adjust timing.
    • Navs on briefings can have labels.
    • A new briefing creation tutorial.
    • 27 new scripting commands are available for briefing editing
  • Gameflow: Fully scriptable, add conversation with characters, multiple rooms,
    • play custom movies whenever you want
    • change movies based on the outcome of the mission
    • Move the briefing camera whever you want.
    • 6 scripting commands.
    • Custom fonts colors in the gameflow

Flight Commander is a space combat game in the style of Wing Commander. The Flight Commander engine was programmed from the ground up, and comes with a graphical mission editor. It is designed to accomodate easy modding, using standard formats for images, sounds, and 3d graphics. All game stats can be changed easily with a text editor.

For the more advanced missions, scripting is done with the user-friendly but powerful lua scripting language. All scripting commands are well documented, and many examples are included for a variety of missions.


Kevin Caccamo

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Downloading now, sir! :cool:

I can't wait to see the briefing scripting in action!

As for my bar conversations, I'm working on it. I don't know if I need a special file in the FC directory to play movies, but as far as I know, I modified my shotglass conversation movie in Virtualdub so the audio is the same length as the video.

And next up, FC 1.6.13 :D


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Nice. So the main changes from the Alpha are the new briefing options and gameflow advances?

Wow, I'm going to have a look at the briefing tutorial but... my computer died so it'll be a while before I can fiddle with it.

capship: Used to control the color of a ship. Set to false for fighters.


Flight Cmdr 1.5

Well i downloaded this game and i like the features of this game very much. I also like the features of graphical mission editor and branching campaigns. And overall it's a fun game.