FC 1.7 status


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Hi all:

Some have been asking what features will be in 1.7. I'm about to get married, so the wedding is my priority, and I won't be able to release anything until afterwards. But here's what I already got done

  • AI uses decoys against dumbfires
  • Display shield flash when hitting shielded part of a cap ship
  • Music change on Torpedo run
  • Change shield color
  • Add after debriefing movie.
  • Add a timer with a callback for scripting
  • Show ship name in the viewer
  • In-game lua console
  • weapons xml tag
  • Mission timer wrong when pausing

And here's some items that are partially done
  • Multiple friendly wings
  • More comms, and the AI to use them. For example, the AI congratulates you on a kill. Announces it is taking over the wing when the wingleader dies.
  • More interactive menus in the gameflow. Buttons will highlight when you mouse over them, the scrollbars work. More stats and fiction in the ship viewer.
  • An improved mission editor
  • Give the user a choice of joystick

More details are here http://code.google.com/p/flightcommander/issues/list


Looking good eddie, I think that really only leaves AI for FC to be a competitive engine to Vision. (Excluding recent graphical effects, Bloom, HD-lighting, etc.)

Oh and congrats on the nuptials.


Oh nice, on getting married. I wish you and your future wife luck!

Anyway I'm also looking forward to the new features, I'll enjoy messing around with them.