ejection (laugh all you want)


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Does the Freespace code allow for ejections??? I'm only on the second mission and I'm having trouble beating it, and ejecting wouldn't be a bad way to get by it. :p


no, but if you fail it five times in a row you can skip it.


Rear Admiral
when I think of it now, it should be possible to script an ejection in fred. it should be something like this:
ejection event one
-every time
--ikey pressed (ejection key)
--set varible
---ejection (1)
ejectionevent two
---ejection cinematic sexp-s
ejection event three
--is event true delay
---(ejection event two)
---(time for cutscene)
--end mission
Debrifing stage
--is event true
--ejection event
(ejection debriefing text)
correct me if I'm wrong:)

but it is surely not implemented yet

EDIT: and the cutscene should detonate proxy rather than your ship of course. As i think now it would be easy in missions where you have no ship choice, but a little tricky if not impossible if you can choose your ship(the cutscene part)