Curious about the Intrepid

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Fruitcake said:
It's quite baseless?? You forgot Blair blew up one of the carriers he served on (Lexington). :D

Is this the complete list of ships he was stationed on?

Tiger's Claw
Bonnie Heather


TCS Formidable (2653)
TCS Gilgamesh (2654)
TCS Tiger's Claw (2654-2656)
Carnarvon Station, Gwynedd System (2656-2665)
TCS Concordia (2665-2668)
Olympus Station, Ghorah Khar System (2667)
TCS Gamal Gan/Grimalkin (2667)
TCS Victory (2669)
TCS Lexington (2673)
BWS Intrepid (2673)

He's 'served on' three of Paladin's ships, with varying degrees of officiality: the Diligent, the Bonnie Heather and the Gamal Gan. Of the three the only I'd claim he was "stationed on" was the Gamal Gan - Bonnie Heather and Diligent were just ferrying him to other duty stations. I'm also not sure whether to include the Midway - he was onboard, but he wasn't actually part of the crew. There's also a few other stations (and incidental fiction things) you fly off of in WC3 (Akko, Kilrathi Transport in WC4, Tesla, Nephele, Bluepoint, etc.) without actually being assigned to them.