Configuration for playing with a laptop keyboard?


I'm playing WCS on a laptop, and the game seems to have been designed to require a number pad. As soon as I enable the laptop's keypad feature, I lose a bunch of keys I need to maneuver and fight. Toggling back and forth in the heat of battle is problematic, the keys are far apart so it requires both hands on my model.

I'm currently trying to use the mouse, but it's all over the place, makes it hard to aim precisely. It took me a while to figure that you're supposed to target capital ship emplacements...almost impossible with the mouse. I get the idea this game really wants you to steer with the keypad, which I don't have. Is there an alternative keyboard layout for those of us who play with laptops?


Rear Admiral
The numerals on the top of the keyboard from 6 to 9 are not allocated. I use those to clear up conflicts elsewhere.