Community Fan Project Idea/Discussion


I just was thinking about a fan project which could include the entire community.

I will apologies before hand if I don't explain it to well.

For those of you who don't know in the Academy Cartoon, there is a part where Blair is doing a voice journal.

I was thinking about how we could do voice journals from people who serve on a carrier. A select person who knows WC very well (including the timeline) could state to people what happens on a day, and people could record and upload a "journal entry" of their day on the ship. This would include both cannon things and a story which is going on in this particular ship.

For example back on February 25th (If the year we were doing was 2656) it could have been a "sad day" in our characters' lives since that would have been the day the Tiger's Claw was destroyed. Then people could record a journal entry for the day with that event as the center event for the next few days.

People also can coordinate their journal entires on what both of them did that day. For example if one is a pilot, and one is part of his "ground crew" they could pm each other to see if they want anything interesting to happen.

This is a kind of obscure form of role playing, and I would like discussion to see if it is a good idea or not.


It's an interesting idea, I've always felt that a good fan project would be an audio drama, as you can do some good work with few resources.

One thing I will say is that reading someone elses monologue is insanely difficult, it might be a good idea to have a writer outline what has to be said but the actual actor to write the dialogue, perhaps a back and forth project but I really think the speaker should write the specifics.


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That's a cool idea. It doesn't have to be journal entries even. Any kind of audio story is equally good and could be easier to get going.



I agree about each actor writing their own lines.

If we were going to do one, what should the setting be in?

Should it be on a ship that Blair serves on? Tiger's Claw? Concordia?

Should it be on a new ship? A destroyer? or a Carrier? Should it even take place on a ship at all and focus on marines, or ground side personnel?

When should it take place? The countdown before the War? or After the War? or A period during the war?


if you choose to go the way of journal entries I'd quite like to hear some from the very beginning of the war. There would be a lot of room for diversity at a time when new recruits are joining the fight (before everyone in the war has effectively become lifers) against an enemy who is still much a mystery. There would likely be a lot of different takes on the war, those who had so far only heard the propoganda and those who had met the Kilrathi in combat.


Good idea,

Each character could hear different stories from travelers about the kilrathi and what their practices are. Both true but largely untrue.

Then several who know.

Then we could do it from the perspective of a politician, an aid to "Skip" Banbridge, or just a plain civilian.