Comments Needed on KSP Morningstar Design (February 5, 2022)


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capi is participating in a Kerbal Space Program competition, and his entry is the Morningstar from Special Operations 2. He's limited by elements within the KSP engine, but the results so far look pretty good. He's very much looking for feedback on how to improve or tweak the model any further. If you'd like to help him and get more representation for Wing Commander, hit the comment link below!

Alright, y'all - I need your opinions. Livery aside, is it passable? Is it a Morningstar or not? If not, where am I off?

I'm currently participating in Season 4 of Scott Manley's Runway Project - aerial combat in Kerbal Space Program. This week's challenge was to make a replica of something (and it could have been anything) that would fly and fight. I don't care about the color - I'm interested in whether or not the airframe looks right.

Original update published on February 5, 2022


I'm limited to the parts available in KSP and two very specific mods. I do agree that the guns were off; those were GAU-8s (i.e. Warthog guns). Ultimately replaced them with GAU-22s for the aesthetic, though there really isn't anything in-game akin to WC, alas. I did ultimately add a pair of ventral radial intakes...and then several ramp intakes aft both to add mass back there and to help feed all the engines.

The outboard guns aren't exactly in the position you see in WC2 either - they seem to be attached closer to the bottom part of the intakes. But the VDU has them firmly about halfway along the canard. Went with the VDU interpretation.