Come to DragonCon and Fight Global Warming


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Delta's primary hub is Atlanta, so if you're flying to DragonCon this year, you can help plant a tree!

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Support Delta's Force for Global Good
Take part in the first-ever U.S. airline program to plant trees to help offset carbon emissions. Go Green!

Hello Mr. Reid,
In a partnership with The Conservation Fund, we are the first U.S. airline to implement a voluntary carbon offset program — and we'd love to have you "onboard."

It's simple. Beginning June 1, 2007, you will be able to add a small donation to fund the planting of trees in sustainable managed forests around the globe when you book your ticket at These trees will help off-set carbon emissions by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it to oxygen as part of their natural processes

We'll disburse 100 percent of your donation to The Conservation Fund program to plant trees and to support the organization's education and outreach efforts. Additionally, we'll make a donation to The Conservation Fund for every customer flying on a Delta mainline jet worldwide on Earth Day (April 22).

It's just part of our Force for Global Good initiative that strives to benefit the world we fly everyday. So go ahead and take a flight, and join us in uniting our customers and employees in support of environmental stewardship.