Cockpit positions


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It would be kinda neat in the future it were possible to have the displays textured onto the cockpit. Of course, I have no idea how it would be possible to implement that.


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I've made a feature request for this, mainly because I've started working on some custom cockpits. :)

Such as :
Ability to change location of objects.
Animated objects.
Create new objects, eg. having more then one Eject element, possibly with
different graphics too, as well as being able to create new objects that
don't serve a function (or that can be manipulated via scripting - in the
future, see below).
Have objects overlapping objects. For example a static image just overlapping
the radar.

More advantaged stuff (for later down the track :D ) :
Scripting. Such as changing the cockpit on the fly when a variable is
changed, hiding objects when damage is taken (or when a com message is
received, for single monitor cockpits), and other such super fancy stuff.


The one I'm currently working on. Doesn't look great yet, but I think it'll look nice once finished. I think I may be able to get this into the game by using leftdecoration and rightdecoration, though it may get messy. :)


I think its kind of neat how Perfect Plan is going to have the same art style through out various aspects of the game.


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I think its kind of neat how Perfect Plan is going to have the same art style through out various aspects of the game.

I hope to eventually have every asset in the game replaced. :D One day. :rolleyes: Gameflow and cut-scenes are going to be annoying.

I was thinking it would be neat if you could push a key which makes you mouse arrow appear, allowing you to interact with the cockpit. Though that's crazy. :D


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You can get new 3d cockpit models, and you can change the 2d art and colors for much of the HUD, but you can't move around the hud components.


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That canopy looks awesomeness. Center console I'm assuming is your main computer, the small oval is your radar... I guess I'm rambling. But I see one fluke. You have two 'Eject' lights. (One near radar, and one to the left of 'auto' at the top.) Perhaps that was there to emphasis 'ditch your fighter now', I don't know. But you could change it to be the 'Lock'.

Side note: Maybe you should add like an ejection handle somewhere...

I wish I could draw as good as you... I am really envious.


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Here's what I'd suggest: make a 3d cockpit model, and use what you're doing to create the textures.


All of the models have the same problem. No panel light in the VC mode. When I hit the L key in the VC mode the panel lights dont come on. The navigation and landing lights work. I tried the switch on the right hand side VC cockpit for panel light and still no go. Anyone else having the same problem or is it something Im doing wrong?