C&VG Visualizes Double Reviews (January 4, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
AD found a fun trove of Wing Commander goodness in the May 1996 issue of Computer and Video Games magazine. It's naturally a treat to find a WC article in any publication, but this one has two - plus a bonus! Wing Commander 4 initially debuted on the PC on February 12, 1996 while Wing Commander 3 made its way to the Playstation on March 27. Due to publication and newsstand schedules, that put both in back-to-back review slots in this issue. There's lots of lovely screenshots to admire here. Interestingly enough, they actually gave the WC3 PSX port a higher score than WC4, which is pretty surprising. Nevertheless, there's a final tease on the upcoming release list. Wing Commander 4 is showing as an in-development title for the 3DO. While this was briefly the case, the game was not to be!

Original update published on January 4, 2022