Behold the Beautiful Blue Box (July 10, 2010)


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CrazySpence recently added a copy of Wing Commander I Deluxe to his collection, and he had to share it with the world. He's posted pictures and described his glee at The Kingdom of Philtopia. What a great feeling it is to get a new Wing Commander game. Check the posting out here.

A few weeks past and I found a set of Wing Commander 1 with the original fighter specs however after some heavy bidding I lost it to someone else and felt rather defeated. I took one more pass at ebay and found a “Buy it now” of Wing Commander deluxe edition IN THE ORIGINAL BOX with FIGHTER SPECS, CLAWMARKS, WC1, Secret missions 1 and 2 plus the install manuals, a 1990 catalog and some other paperwork from Origin! I jumped on that quickly and awaited shipping.

Today it has arrived and it is Christmas in June for me! The box has a dent in it but all the contents are in excellent condition. For being almost 20 years old I would say it has held up pretty damn well and I look forward to liberating the Vega Sector, chasing down the Sivar and liberating Firekka from Kilrathi Occupation!

Original update published on July 10, 2010
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I'm happy for you. I used to have two WC boxes, one was a deluxe edition with the CD-ROM version I got from a local store, complete with Claw Marks and fighter blueprints. A second one was an earlier 3'5" diskette version of the deluxe edition, with two blueprints only. After awhile, I misplaced the second one and found it utterly destroyed by mold from a some thunderstorm a few years back. The contents were utterly ruined.
The first box is still safe and sound, last time I checked.


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I wasn't lucky enough to get an original Origin box, only a budget re-release. Still, it had Claw Marks (albeit with a different cover) and the blueprints.


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I don't have a copy of CM or the blueprints...The WC1/2 Deluxe cd I got was just the cd. I'll have to find a set at some point in the future.

I did however recently find my WCU map. It was in a book that had been sitting in my dad's basement next to several other missing WC documents that I'd thought I'd lost when I moved to college years ago.


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The box is massive compared to anything else I have on my shelf currently.

I have always wanted a set of WC fighter blueprints. No one makes anything with this much detail anymore it seems. The wife offered to laminate them for me which would avoid anything crushing like TheFraix mold situation but on the other hand I like keeping them in the box and up on my shelf on display to be pulled out when feeling nostalgic of the Vega sector