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@Ijuin: The Priv2 transports were armed. The biggest one was pretty awesome, I hired it for heavy missions because it was harder to kill than most wingmen. :)


The most basic P2 transport (Gea Transit, I think it was named) had no turrets, but the more expensive the transport, the better-armed it was, up to the Monolith, which, true to the name, had the best shields, armor, and weapons of any ship that the player could hire.

Anyway, the idea suggested in this thread is interesting, whereby instead of hiring a transport and escorting it, you instead would hire/own a barge that you tow and have to protect from attackers (though the better variants would have enough shields/armor to make this a reasonable possibility unless you are in a REALLY dangerous zone, and maybe some light turrets).


For the record: Gea, Gea Mk-II, Ogan, Ilia, Ilia Mk-II, Monolith - those were the transports in P2, in increasing order of survivability/bad-ass-edness. I don't ever recall escorting any of them being particularly fun, but then again it's been nearly fifteen years since I last played P2...


The Monolith had something like fifteen thousand armor + hitpoints (it could be one-shotted by the most powerful torpedo in the game, but so could anything else smaller than a carrier or dreadnought). This is compared to 200-600 armor for player ships. The Monolith was literally better armored (and armed) than the lighter Destroyers fielded by the enemy factions, so it made a very durable platform for those heavy turrets it carried.


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I have a question for Ben... We already have the Hadrian and Hades system. What is the goal to unlock the LOAF system?


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I have a sneaking suspicion that LOAF feels the same pang of regret that Ginger did when she came back to check on her Q&A thread :D


Just wanted to put this somewhere where LOAF could see it:

Back when I was a kid, 10 11 or so, I went to the Wing Commander forum in the pre-CIC days and posted a question about Prophecy's ending, which I hadn't played. I was absolutely incredulous to learn about Blair, and I just had to ask about it. Course back then I had no idea what spoilers were, and I put my question in the title of the post so... long story short I ended up making quite a lot of people angry and got some very fun death threats which I'm pretty sure violated the AOL TOS :-p. Also got some much more moderate chastisement from CReid and Loaf for that and some other silly things I did.

Later on I was around when the CIC was formed, used to drop into IRC periodically, was active in various Wing Commander RPG communities (AOL games, Aces, Red Horizon MUSH, etc). Basically I've known -of- and been anonymously acquainted with Bandit LOAF for about 15 years now.

Will be honest, me and my friends have poked fun at him sometimes for his hardcore "Wing Commanderism" and feelings on Freespace 2. And yea in the spirit of old times we'll name our ships in Star Citizen after Freespace references and maybe one of these days ask Loaf to talk about it on a livestream ;-). But it's all in good fun!

While I was watching all you dudes on the livestream earlier doing the countdown it occurred to me that, while as a backer of SC I'm obviously thrilled that we got $6.2 mil, I'm also just very happy for Loaf. Because I remember when Loaf was a kid, not -that- much older than me, and all the trips to the various conventions and the photos from the WC movie premier... and being such a major part of running the CIC for over a decade, which I know wasn't always easy because for many years it looked like the Wingnut community was doomed to ever increasing irrelevance as Origin went lights out, space sims stopped being viable, and more and more of us grew up and got busy with RL. In fact I specifically remember Loaf making postings a few years ago where he was feeling pretty down about things himself.

So seeing Ben up on the livestream next to CHRIS MFing ROBERTS, actively working on the creation of the successor of Wing Commander and Privateer, made me feel so damn happy for the guy because I know that's gotta feel good. It's a vindication of all those years of keeping the lights up on the CIC. Game Dev isn't my chosen career, I'm a prelaw student these days and working in public service, but I remember being 9 years old and booting up WC1 on the SNES to see "A Chris Roberts Game". Working or even contributing with RSI would've been a dream come true back then. But there's really no greater Wing Commander fan in the country than Loaf, and it's awesome that he's got the opportunity now to work, and create, and share the militant "fanboyism", which is just another word for passion, we teased him mercilessly over with a new generation of gamers.

So my question for Loaf is: How's it feel yo?

-Anjelus on the RSI forums


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Funny that, I've been thinking similar over the last day.

Without the CIC keeping the community together and probably making all the fan creations possible/worth doing, Star Citizen may never have happened.

I feel like he should have a T-shirt saying 'Achievement Unlocked - Fanboy gets dream job' :D


I just thought of something that you may or may not know:

How detailed on the innards of the Bengal? Does the ship actually have most every room constructed as part of the model or is it more like WC3 where only several floors are accessible? Also, has CR allowed you to walk around the Bengal?


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So this extra $$$ being pledged... Think some of that might be shunted off toward creating collectables? I.e model ships, figurines etc... Just sayin I'd be all over that like a bad rash. Plus it could be profitable!


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It's probably mostly being funneled into game development! :) There's fewer bonuses for the new tiers going forward.