Anyone Else Unimpressed?


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No offense, but for a Live Arcade Game, 15 minutes is an eternity to learn the controls, and if a seasoned vet of most of the original games gave up that quickly, i'm sure many of a younger, less-WC-Oriented crowd didn't give it that much. To be good and develop talent, sure, you have to devote some time. But after 15 minutes of trying to pull up only to realize that i had brought myself to a stop in the line of somebody's fire, I became rather frustrated.

I've personally played with lots of people who had just purchased the game and were only on the first/second/third match, and haven't yet encountered anyone who I'd call infuriated by the controls. I wasn't trying to say it's 15 minutes just to figure out how to fly around, but more to be able to consciously start doing things like dodging missles or getting on people's tails. Accidentally stopping like you describe sounds like it might actually be a bigger problem for older players used to certain things rather than younger ones who haven't played as many flight sims, but it's something that should go away pretty quickly regardless.

I may fool around and invest in it, but with so many full scale games coming out right now and this fall, and at the risk of sounding callous i'd rather put the $10 towards my Halo 3 fund.

I can't think of too much due out prior to Halo 3, and that's still two months away. If Arena's so great that it's interfering with all your fall releases, it's worth much more than $10.

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At the risk of sounding callous: I'd rather not be so poor I had to worry over 10 bucks.



Yeah yeah, another half an hour of yankin and bankin and i wasn't really hooked, but satisified enough to buy. See you guys in space :)