Announcing 2016 Winners! (January 29, 2017)


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The new year is off and running and somehow we're nearly a month in. Fans have had several weeks to consider their ballots, and hundreds of votes have been cast for 2016 Wing Commander Fan Project and Website of the Year. Although all of the nominated fans did wonderful things over the past year, here's a few that Wingnuts have singled out for special recognition!

The winner of Fan Project of the year is Wing Commander Flat Universe! Their existing release is already lots of fun, but the Maslas Brothers spent a good chunk of the year steadily building towards the next big iteration. A few lucky fans even got to try out the new multiplayer mode in some preliminary testing!


Once again we've chosen to select three runners up in the Fan Project category. All three got virtually identical scores, so it would be very hard to pick just one. A tie also speaks to just how many impressive endeavors have fans excited and anxious for more.

First up in the runners up category is the Homeworld Remastered Mod. Continued improvements are making the game more dynamic and innovative than could be imagined when it debuted as a WC4 conversion for the original Homeworld more than a decade ago.

Another runner up is the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. It simply looks gorgeous and breathes new life into one of the most accessible Wing Commander games. Fans also got a chance to start playtesting it recently as well.

Last, but definitely not least, is a newcomer who's being awarded for the first time. The Enhanced Soundtracks project is our final runner up. Listening to them will make you want to go back and play the originals - but you might have these soundtracks on in the background instead of the music built in!


In the website category, we've got a flip flop from last year. surged to take the top spot as Wing Commander Website of the Year! They serve as an essential hub for German Wing Commander fans, and the continued work to advance the Deutsch version of the WC Saga mod, plus keep the original going with new improvements, has endeared it to fans around the world.


This year's website runner up is Daedalus Station! The pace of Destiny's Way updates may have slowed in 2016, but that's so the developers could continue their focus on Flat Universe. Expect more updates when the next big release nears!


And that's another year on the books. Congrats to the winners, and thank you to all Wingnuts out there who continue to create and keep the community going strong!

Original update published on January 29, 2017
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I know you all secretly voted for me.. my voter turnout was yuuuuge. Best turn out ever! :p
Quoted from Lord High Grand Space Marshall NinjaLA's first press conference with Barbara Miles.

I voted Tolwyn anyway, like most of Confed. He'd have made a better head of the SRA.


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hehe.. truly, congratulations to the actual deserving winners. I just sort of draw things and fling them at the net from time to time :D


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hehe.. truly, congratulations to the actual deserving winners. I just sort of draw things and fling them at the net from time to time :D
I find it very difficult to draw, Alex. I like your sketches.

Due to my opinion, every and each of us who is keeping with his work or art this community alive deserves an award. And that includes those who write and comment inside this forum.

Congratulations to everyone!