Amazing Lego Fleet Grows by Leaps & Bounds (February 27, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Bricks With Wings has massively expanded his Wing Commander fleet, and the results now set the stage for a huge Vega Sector battle. The Exeter has been added to complement the Tiger's Claw and her fighters, but the Kilrathi side also has a complement lineup in the form of the Fralthi cruiser, Ralari destroyer and five prominent fighters. Both sides even get a transport! We've seen a fair number of amazing WC Lego designs over the years, but including several gorgeous Kilrathi capships is a first. I especially like the Jalthi, and the new angles of the Bengal class carrier are exquisite too. saf0775 will be working on build instructions next! Keep tabs on the latest on Instagram.

Original update published on February 27, 2020