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    I was at Walmart today and saw Photo 4.0 and thought maybe I could create a nice looking Desktop wallpaper but when I sat down i had problems. I'm wanting to add a Space background with myself in a Dark Jedi Costume and a Rise of the Empire Symbol. Can anyone help?
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    What games at E3 are you most excited about?

    I am looking for Mass Effect,Resident Evil 5 and I hoping to hear something about a Third Installment in the KOTOR Series but that's just me.
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    I'm trying to add the music from Armada into FC but I can't get them to work because they must be MP3. I tried download a MIDI To MP3 Convertor but it won't work. Can you help me out.
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    WC1 remake thread

    Does Mario Brito have a problem with people using ships from the ship packs (1/2,3,4,Arm)i n Mods for FC or will he have ask them to be retextured? I'm thinking about doing a FC Mod and if I give him credit do think he'd have a problem with it.Maybe I should contact him. I'm still not sure...
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    dauntless model

    I download the old BWS Dauntless how do i get the game to use this model instead of the new one?
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    BWS Dauntless (obsolete version)

    thanks it looks great now...I'm going do a WC1/2 Timeframe Story with this Vic. And When I'm done I send you my work
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    BWS Dauntless (obsolete version)

    here is a list of what i named the Mats maybe that might help. 00055042. to Vic_Bridgem0 & Vic_Bridgem1 00055158 to Vic_Bridgedm0 & Vic_Bridgedm1 00055041 to Vic_Eng1m0,Eng1m1,Eng2m0 (same to Eng3) 00055157 to Vic_Eng1dm0,Eng1dm1 (same up to Eng3) 00055040 to Vic_Hullm0 & Vic_Hullm1...
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    BWS Dauntless (obsolete version)

    I just didn't rename it...I selected 24 - bit bmp in mspaint when i saved also. I will try replace that file later and I'll take a screenshot to show what the Vic looks like. I must get ready for work now.
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    BWS Dauntless (obsolete version)

    Ok. I decided to go with Killerwave's victory instead.Anyhow, I ran alpha extractor and iff reader and went in to the mat and renamed the png to bmp and copy the ship.xml to Midway files. Then when I run the game if I get close to the carrier the game runs super slow plus the carrier has a run...
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    BWS Dauntless (obsolete version)

    I downloaded the BWS Dauntless (obsolete version) from UE website and wanna convert it into FC, How would i go about doing that?
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    Flight Commander: A Shot in the Dark

    just send me a PM or Email telling me extact what you want me to say. And i'll do my best although my mirophone isn't the best and neither am i.But i give it a shot.
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    Flight Commander: A Shot in the Dark

    I no expert like Quarto since i've only played main WC ports beside WCP and WCSO. But I like what i see and if you want i'd be willing to supply my voice for a character.
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    Flight Commander: A Shot in the Dark

    awesome just awesome. Can't wait to play it.
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    Flight Commander: A Shot in the Dark

    I mean who will the player character be example ie. WC Standoff is Cpt. William Bradshaw. I know you said a pilot off the Invicible but will you will be a wing commander ,sqaudron commander or just a regular pilot? I am so excited about this mod. I should reread WC3N.
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    Flight Commander: A Shot in the Dark

    cool ! which version of FC are you using 1.0 or 1.1? Also who is your PC?
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    Q related to SO

    i will try. I'm a beginner at FC, so i'm using the ships that came with the game.
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    The end of Prophecy - Secret Ops

    Did the Cerberus pilots get transfered back to Midway if you got the good ending? Just checking to make sure i understand it.
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    Q related to SO

    I wasn't sure if i should post this in here or WC Chat. Anyhow, i'm want make a campaign with FC with the TCS Cerberus and i was wondering what happened to the veteran Midway pilots (Casey,Spyder,etc.) if you got the good ending?
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    SCP version of FRED 2

    FRED2 Tutorial Is there any tutorials for FRED2 'cause i will probably be lost or will the saga team include one with the prolouge?
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    Freespace series

    Since i recently got a labtop computer i've been looking into space combat pc games beside wing commander like Starlancer,Freelancer,Freespace. As i have been following WC Saga and knew that the team would be using the Freespace 2 engine i went and brought the freespace 2 to fimilar myself with...