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    Sit Back and Relive Standoff with Justice (October 25, 2021)

    Been lurking for a long time, not sure when was the last time I posted! Any feasible way to get something like this ported to the Oculus 2? I recently played End Space and it has a semi decent WC feel to it.
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    Happy 14th Birthday, CIC! (August 11, 2012)

    Happy Birthday CIC. I just found my old Saga set and it works on Win7! Woohoo!
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    More LEGOs

    Actually, in WC1, the Tigers Claw had one landing bay and several launch tunnels. They are on the sides of the carrier. I think there was an animation in the game somewhere that showed you and your wingman taking off at the same time. Then the Concordia always had you and your wingman launch...
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    Let's Make This Brief... (April 22, 2008)

    I think the briefing rooms for WC1 and WC2 has you too far away from the briefing officer. Thats a lot of wasted space, unless it is like the school classroom and the cool kids all sit in the back. My vote would actually go for one not listed. The briefing room on the Mjollner sounded pretty...
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    Expelled: Ben Stein's Movie

    You're absolutely right -- have you ever tried vanilla without the cream? It's just... I know, I know, shut up about vanilla already. But I just feel that I need to make my beliefs clear on the internet, even though no one cares and will just get angry at me. I'm sorry for that, lets all respect...
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    Expelled: Ben Stein's Movie

    I am a strong proponet for vanilla. I feel that not only is it the basis for all other ice creams (including the mixes listed above) but that it is also an excellent flavor in its own right. I think we all need to show a little bit more respect to vanilla, without which we wouldn't be here at all.
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    Missing Pilots?

    I think he is referring to the movie. When someone died they where completly forgotten about by the rest. And I think someone just forgot to cross reference the names. Jim
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    WC:CD Confed Transport

    You could always add on other races turrents, it would make sense that a growing navy would make use of the ships they heavily damage but not destroy. End Run showed that with the Johnny Greene having extra engines and an extra turrent. They also repaired a faulty targeting system with a...
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    WC:CD Buccaneer

    Great shots. The Broadsword had manned turrents as refrenced in several books. The T-bolt I think was automated, maybe LOAF has a better answer. I do not recall any loadouts for any of the turrented ships that had both with and without. But it does make sense that since you have a new...
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    Wing Commander Arena Tournament This Saturday (January 23, 2008)

    I'm working till four, but I'll try to poke in when I get home. Also I can never seem to find any matches, is there not that many players? Jim Xbox gamer tag MadMedicJim
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    The Great Xbox 360 Contest Begins! (August 1, 2007)

    Hey I'm game... kinda hard to convince the wife to let me just buy a 360. Jim
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    How Goes the War Against the Humans? (July 31, 2007)

    Hey Congrats Loaf!!! I hope to at some point be able to play Arena... just as soon as I get a 360. And yup I'm working on a submission for the tenth. Jim
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    Playing with WCSaga

    Well we are all forgetting to say: Looks Great!!!
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    Playing with WCSaga

    I always figured that by this era, the missiles would be mounted in a launcher such as in Privateer.
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    WC3 Special Effects Secret Revealed (April 13, 2005)

    Did anyone else notice the binder clip on the back of a guys helmet in the WC4 music video?
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    Jump Point Defense

    I thought that the buoys where an image on your hud, I recall reading that somewhere. I think it was the explanation as to why you can not destroy them.
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    (wc) Sm 1-2 and (wc2) SO 1-2

    I liked that feature in Privateer, you could sweet talk most of the militia or pirates
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    Laugh At Me For I Am Stupid OR Legal Questions Someone Has To Be Able To Answer

    The petty traffic stuff takes forever in CT. If it is something more serious you will not only get a ticket (citation) but a summons to show in court. A summons will get the ball rolling fast so the facts of the case are still fresh in the cops mind. A citation will not bring the cop in for...
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    Laugh At Me For I Am Stupid OR Legal Questions Someone Has To Be Able To Answer

    Nope thats CT. Unless it is a major infraction such as reckless driving then you have to show. Otherwise just send in a check. LeHah just go to court on the day your told to and bring the registration. When the prosecuter calls you up to discuss the case, apologize to no end and show them...
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    I'm a dad!

    Why would we continue to go on about how his kid is ugly when he is just trying to share his pride and joy. I am willing to bet that those poking fun of his kids looks are not parents themselves. Sure most babies may come out looking like Winston Churchhill but from the moment you first hold...