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    Ask Ben a Question!

    Just wanted to put this somewhere where LOAF could see it: Back when I was a kid, 10 11 or so, I went to the Wing Commander forum in the pre-CIC days and posted a question about Prophecy's ending, which I hadn't played. I was absolutely incredulous to learn about Blair, and I just...
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    1990 CGW Review of Wing Commander

    I like how it sounds like an awesome game even by 2011 standards. Nonlinear storyline? Meaningful NPC interactions? Oh man, time to boot up my Kilrathi Saga disc... p.s. You guys should check out the WC2 review in this one
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    1990 CGW Review of Wing Commander

    This is probably already familiar to some of you but I just learned of it and thought I'd share. A lot of the archive of Computer Gaming World is online, so naturally the first game I wanted to look up was Wing Commander. Original review can be found here...
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    New Poll Focuses on Iconic Briefings (April 16, 2011)

    I'm shocked Eisen is winning! I thought Halycon would be a shoe in. Must be those people who didn't start with WC1! :D
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    WC-Saga looking for Beta Testers

    You'll get ripped off on Ebay. Good Old Games sells Freespace DRM free for $5.99.
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    Wing Commander Source Code

    Forgive my technical ignorance, but how can the source code be lost?? Isn't there a way to open up any of the copies of WC1 floating around the internet and pull the source from it?
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    There a chance any Wing Commander games could be sold on Steam?

    Yep, Wing Commander is more GoG's cup of tea than Steam's. I can see it being released on there sometime.
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    People just don't make games like WC anymore

    That was a great read. Summarized my thoughts upon replaying WC1. By all means continue writing it :-)
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    People just don't make games like WC anymore

    They really don't and I can't fathom why. I just played through the first mission of WC1 for the first time in a few years now. Had some fun blowing up the Dralthi at nav 1, then purposefully threw myself into an asteroid at nav 2 so I could watch my funeral. The action in WC1 is great, yes...
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    Wing Commander MUSH revival?

    Sounds amazing. There's a WCRH facebook group, I'll post the info there.
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    How do the Kilrathi go from the end of SO2 to the False Armistice?

    Oh, dude, seriously. Go to these links. End Run for 94 cents, Fleet Action for 1 cent. Do yourself a favor. If you like Wing Commander, which you obviously do, these are easily the two best novels and they'll answer all your questions in detail...
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    Ralatha and Snakeir Episode 3 Mission Question

    My order for priority shoot downs when protecting bombers goes: Sartha, Drakhri, Krant, Gratha, and then from there on I just kill whatever.
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    Episode 5 - Missions/Tactics *SPOILERS*

    Hmm. I wonder if it's not so obvious to everyone that you -can- shoot down torpedoes or are supposed to? I'm a StarLancer and Freespace vet so I'm used to it, but maybe someone without much space sim experience might not pick up on that?
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    Problems? Post them here...

    I mentioned to you all that I was consistently crashing on ep 5's final winning path mission each and every time, even with HDR turned off. Tonight I'll run some tests of the mission under various graphical settings and see if I can get through it. I'll let you all know how it goes, my 9600M...
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    Problems? Post them here...

    Yea, same here. I crashed on nightmare last night a few minutes after
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    Yea I'm on stuck on the final mission and the killboard is full of KIAs. Rest in peace guys!
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    Problems? Post them here...

    Am I the only one for whom the last mission of the winning path ep 5 ALWAYS crashes sometime before it ends?
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    So who's completed it yet? *SPOILERS*

    Isn't there just that one mission in 'Earth Orbit' that involves a lot of missile chasing? It's really not so bad, nowhere near StarLancer levels and actually pretty easy once you get practice with it. Actually that mission is one of my favorites of the entire game. .
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    Problems? Post them here...

    Just to confirm the bug in that Concordia mission we discussed a few posts back, it does only take place IF you run from nav 1. It happened to me again just now, wasn't able to autopilot away, and once again I'd retreated manually from the first nav (after being 'strongly advised' to do so)...
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    Problems? Post them here...

    It's also happened to me twice that I fired a missile at a Kat fighter only to have a friendly fly right into it and get blown up. Instant traitor. Annoying when it happens but not much to be done.