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    Star*Soldier Gloss: Page 49 (September 23, 2008)

    Is there no gloss for pages 42 through 48?
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    My Xbox got the Red Ring of Death...

    You guys were right! I called Microsoft again and this time was told that since it was the RRoD, that it is still covered. Apparently either the other guy, when I called a few weeks ago, didn't know what he was talking about or didn't understand that it was the RRoD. So I got an apology and my...
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    My Xbox got the Red Ring of Death...

    I've only had it about a year and a half. I guess it set on the store shelf awhile before I bought it :mad:
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    My Xbox got the Red Ring of Death...

    My Xbox got the RRoD a few weeks ago. But when I contacted Microsoft they said that the console was out of warranty and it would cost $90 something dollars plus shipping and handling to fix it. So I hope to find a place locally that will fix it cheaper.
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    Technosaurs: Locked and Loaded (July 20, 2008)

    Good luck guys! Can't wait to see what you find in there!
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    BREAKING NEWS: EA Announces... Something? (February 21, 2008)

    Actually I would love to see a new single player Ultima game. Although I would much prefer Wing Commander, the Ultima series has always been among my favorite RPGs.
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    Where should we discuss the WCPedia?

    Okay cool. I figured it out now. Thanks. I've noticed that gifs work better than pngs. Pngs won't let you display the picture on the pedia page. It will only display a link to the picture.
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    Where should we discuss the WCPedia?

    Neither. I'm running the Kilrathi Saga version. As for pictures I'm not sure. I think I've uploaded both GIF and JPEG pictures to it before.
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    Where should we discuss the WCPedia?

    With the possible exception of adding a few more pictures (which I can't seem to figure out how to take screen shots in WC1:confused:), the WC1 section of the pedia is more or less complete. I figured the next logical project would be The Secret Missions 1 so I started a new temp page for the...
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    Where should we discuss the WCPedia?

    I believe the only things left are the entries under "Spatial" and "technology" and a couple others. I managed to finish up the timeline section today. I believe all other enties are up to date with Wing Commander 1 but it would be nice if everybody double checked them during the replay in case...
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    What does the acronym CSS stand for?

    I was added some things to the pedia and I came across the entry for the CSS Suffolk. Now I know what TCS and KIS mean in ship names but what does CSS stand for?
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    BREAKING NEWS: Rumors of New Wing Commander (January 27, 2008)

    Well this is the best news I've heard since Arena was announced!
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    Vote for your favorite XBLA Game!

    Yeah in classic my vote went to Castlevania. All others went to Arena.
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    Vote for your favorite XBLA Game!

    Go here and write in Arena as best game in all categories!
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    When did the McAuliffe missions occur?

    O.k. thanks. I figured it was something like that but I wanted to make sure before I entered it into the pedia.
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    When did the McAuliffe missions occur?

    I've been working on the timeline entries on the wingkipedia. I've ran into a snag with the first two McAuliffe missions. Bandit Loaf's WC Timeline Skeleton which we're basing the timeline on says the missions occurred on 2654.131 while ingame it says 2654.117. Which is right?
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    Nod to Wing Commander??

    Have you noticed any refrences to Ultima as well?
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    C&C 12th Anniversary - C&C Gold made free.

    Since were talking about free classic games for download I thought I'd post this. A few months back Bethesda released the first Elder Scrolls game, Arena (not to be confused with a certain kickass XBLA game of the same name:p), as a free download as a promotion for Oblivion. If your a RPG fan...
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    Pre-WC3 thoughts...

    Well I didn't have a pc until several years after WC3 was released (Wing Commander: Prophecy Gold was the first game I bought f.y.i.). I first played WC1 and The Secret Missions on SNES. Then I jumped from there to WC3 on PSX. I remember countless suprises and questions just from the...
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    How to (better) promote Arena?

    As am I. Unfortunally most of them won't even give it a chance. They either say "It's just a crappy arcade game with WC stamped on it (which I tell them is completely false and diehard wignuts love no avail) or that the demo sucked (which I tell them that the full game in multiplayer is...