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  1. wolfboy

    Wing Commander RPG

    any ideas on who your distribution is going through?
  2. wolfboy

    where did it go

    thanks chris
  3. wolfboy

    where did it go

    alright guys, stupid question, what happened to Against All Odds, i go away do to powers beyond my control and when i return i cant find a single thing except some old news posts, a little help please?
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    What makes Blair toss and turn at night?

    Grey i think everyone has nightmares about escort missions with maniac, including maniac
  5. wolfboy

    F-104 vs. MiG-21

    I've, got to agree in total with bandit. The 104 was built as a dedicated bomber intercepter and was not built for dogfighting. they were built to zapp in, put a missle or 2 and a few cannon rounds into the bombers and then zapp back out while their escort fighters like the F-4 kept the migs off...
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    A Speech at the end of the war.

    Me, or at least my character from WCAAO RADM James "Wolfboy" Bostwick
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    A Speech at the end of the war.

    Gods help me i had this thought start running through my head 12 hours ago, and now its finally finished. A speech at the end of the war. Warriors of the Kilrathi, Pilots of the Confederation, hear me now. For many years now, we have fought each other, warring back and forth over star...
  8. wolfboy

    The Hardest Missions!

    wing commander 4, you have the choice of trying to slip past the station or blow it to smithereens, blowing it was easy, slipping past took so much work, it was one heck of a fight. But for the life of me i cant remember my best loadout or fighter for it.
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    Wing commander badge for t-shirts

    My appologies on my lousy punctuation and capitalization, though a native english speaker, my grammar has never been very good.
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    Wing commander badge for t-shirts

    i dont have a site to link them through but can email them once i have an addy to send them to.
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    Wing commander badge for t-shirts

    I'm working on unit patch JPG's if anyone wants them, or if CIC wants to start carrying them in their store thats fine by me also. I have a patch already set for the Saratoga game, and am working on a hat emblem for that game as well. I have also done up some stuff for the Against all odds game...
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    What games at E3 are you most excited about?

    one compound word, ShadowRun for the 360 and MS
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    The Endless Patrol chapter 2

    Chapter 2: Matsor System: Commander Inyenko looked at his tactical plot aboard the privateer vessel Bloodletter and grimaced. He and his squadron had been in this pissant planet less system for two weeks without so much as a nibble and it was starting to wear on them, most notably their...
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    Read this before Reading Fall of the Flag

    appologies for posting in the story thread will keep my posts here from here on out. in transferrence: "and to the strains of dixie the students of the academy marched to war" other than a couple of spelling errors from taggart, which getting a proper brogue to come across in writing is...
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    Fall of the Flag

    "and to the strains of dixie the students of the academy marched to war" other than a couple of spelling errors from taggart, which getting a proper brogue to come across in writing is difficult at best, good opening
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    unfortunately this sounds just like some counter intel types i have met, all balls no brains. The smart intel guy gets the local cops to help as much as they can let them because this clears their time for handling the more sensitive stuff. all in all good writing
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    The Endless Patrol

    “Aye ma'am” came the slightly subdued reply from Medusa. Of course Medusa was never subdued for long, and with a chuckle she keyed her wing man. “Hey Smokey, care to come help me knock some off?” the smirk on Medusa's face was evident in her voice as she teased Ensign John “Smokey Bear”...
  18. wolfboy

    The Endless Patrol

    Alright folks, I said a while back that i was working on some fan fic and now i'm delivering. Now I dont know if this will turn into a semi-short or a series, but after each post i will take feedback. So without further ado: TCS Bataan CVE-19 Gemini sector, Clarke quadrant, Newcastle...
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    Front Lines

    you know, your character just said what i have come close to saying to almost every war protester that has dared cross words with me. That is exactly the sentiment of someone who believes in what they are trying to do and is tired of the beuracracy being in the way.
  20. wolfboy

    Concept Sketch Combines Different Kilrathi Elements (March 11, 2006)

    see if you can come up with a couple of firekan characters as well, while i would be called on to play kilrathi more than likely, theres deffinately a use for a firekan model as well.