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    Representative moments from WC games to decorate my wall

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to decorate a bare wall in my apartment and remembered how I used to put up the most beautiful computer game boxes back in my youth (WC1 always had a nice spot!). So I came up with the idea of putting up screenshots of my favourite games from back then. And I'm not...
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    WC Prophecy error mesh/midplas.iff

    Hello there, I'm having a weird crash with Wing Commander Prophecy. It crashes back to Desktop when I enter Hrissith 1a/1b (the first mission with either Vampire or Devastator). The message I get is "Fatal: Iff:Iff open file 'mesh/midplas.iff' not found and not optional". So it would seem it...
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    Battleaxe and Red?

    Hello people, I'm afraid what I'm looking for isn't exactly Wing Commander. I remember playing a Space Sim which had two huge capital ships and they were called Battleaxe and Red something. It had some quite advanced graphics. I was looking to play it again with DOSBox. I remember some...
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    Wing Commander Music

    Hi folks, I've been a long time wing commander player and recently something reminded me of it. I was listening to Perplexer - Da Capo and it has this sound of the conductor beating his baton on the score. Sorry if I'm not wording it correctly. Anyhow it reminded me of some Wing Commander Game...
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    Kilrathi Saga, WC4DVD etc.

    Hi, got some questions on what exactly Kilrathi Saga and that WC4 DVD versions are. I own the disk versions of WC1,2 and Academy, the CD versions of WC4,5,Prophecy,Privateer,Privateer2,Armada and some WC1/2 CD which has SM1,2 and SO1,2 and until recently I thought I owned pretty much...
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    Wing Commander 4 Problems

    Hi, I have some problems with my Wing Commander 4. Im running it under Win98SE. I have 2 sound cards installed, a SBPCI which I use for the game and one Terratec DMX-1024 X-Fire which I use for WIN98SE. The game works fine apart from the fact, that I drop out frequently in space combat...