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    Not Your Normal Vampire...

    Here's something to wet your appetites while you wait for Raiders. :D BTW: It's not finished yet.
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    Raiders Project Updates

    I'll be using this thread to post updates on my project. If you don't know about my project, check the fan projects page for further details (or read my updates and you'll figure it out eventually). :D My first update shall be coming shortly!
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    Kilrathi Cruiser & Destroyer

    Just started work on my two Kilrathi ships for my movie. Here they are now:
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    TCS Vanguard CV-21

    She's currently a work-in-progress. She's part of the backdrop for my movie. The TCS Vanguard was lost during a futile effort to slow the Kilrathi advance into Confed territory in the Tyr system at the height of the war. She, her battlegroup, and the majority of the opposing...
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    Request for Meshes and Source Material for Raiders

    I am looking for any and all screenshots and 3D meshes available (acurate ones mind you) of WC3/4-era Kilrathi and Confed capital ships. This is for the backdrop of my movie and I need a lot of meshes so I can build accurate and detailed versions for my debris field which is where the story...
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    Hilarious WC moment

    Wow, I was playing WC1 just now, and on the first mission in the Rostov system I was launching in the midst of an asteroid field. Right upon launch I struck an asteroid at full speed and blew up lol!! That's got to be the funniest thing I've ever had happen to me in WC so far! Ahahahahahaa...
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    Oxford & New Detroit Landing Platforms

    Would anybody be able to give me screenshots of the Oxford and New Detroit landing platforms? I'm interested in making some high quality windows desktop backgrounds of those, using them to help myself learn environmental lighting and materials, etc. Can anybody lend a hand? I suppose with...
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    Check This Out

    Currently in production for a class assignment! :D
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    Darket Light Fighter

    Started on this last night. The model will probably be done by tomorrow... ;)
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    Freelancer -> Privateer Mod?

    Freelancer -> Privateer Total Conversion? Would it be possible to mod Freelancer into Privateer (the original)? If so, would anybody like to do it? :D
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    The Flying Pancake!

    :D My Dralthi Mk IV is completely FINISHED!!! Woohooooooo! Now onto the next model (ugh). :rolleyes:
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    Request for WC3 Poster Scans

    Hi folks, it's me again. As time draws near for me to model the Kilrathi fighters for my movie, I will be needing reference material for my meshes. Can anybody make medium resolution scans of the orthographic views of the Dralthi, Darket, and Vaktoth from WC3's poster for me? Those would...
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    Raiders Needs a Few Good Men

    ...for VOICEOVERS! I've received a few applicants so far, but I need more men! The more people who apply, the better quality that can come out of this project. Hope to hear from you soon! For more information on Raiders, check out...
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    Raiders Storyboards!

    Here's what I have so far! Enjoy :D
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    WC3/4/Prophecy Sound FX

    Anybody know how to extract sounds from the WC3/4/Prophecy tre files? I'm looking for certain sounds like capital ship engine rumbling, Confed fighter engine sounds, Kilrathi fighter engine sounds, stuff like that. I'd like to do all the extracting myself but I don't have the software or...
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    WC2 or WC3 Sound FX - Need YOUR Help!

    I'm looking for cloaking/decloaking sounds from Strakhas in WC2 or WC3. These are for my animation project. Would anybody be able to supply me with those sounds? Or tell me how I may extract them myself? Thanks in advance! :)
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    WC Animation Fan Project Script (Need Critique and Assistance!)

    Hey folks. Having a bit of writers block here. I'm aiming to get my script completed before schoolwork picks up again next week, and I'd like to have my script done by this week so I can begin some preliminary animatics and previsualization. To all those storytellers out there, maybe you can...
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    Flight of the Excalibur (desktop bg)

    Warning, 2 MB 1600x1200 JPG! View Here! Enjoy! :D
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    Excalibur Paint Job for Movie

    What do you guys think of my new paint job for the Excalibur? Around 6 of these babies will be escorting a small convoy in my movie. Here's is a slight variation that has a stripe on the neck. I might not use this one, or I might keep this one only for the wing commander...