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    Joe Kucan influenced by Wing Commander

    The C&C 12th anniversary podcast, an interview with Joe Kucan(Kane), is up now. Kucan mentions that the clip in Wing Commander 1 when the pilots are running to their ships from the briefing room felt very cinematic to him and is what made him want to get involved in the cinematic element of...
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    Cool C&C 3 find

    I was playing through one of the skirmish maps and I came along the wreckage of both a Mammoth Mk.II and a Titan from Tiberian Sun. I asked the community manager about it and he said that the models are included in the game with full walking animations specifically for modding purposes. I...
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    Kilrathi Saga for sale

    I am starting college in a short time and I must get rid of some excess stuff. My second copy of the Kilrathi Saga being one of them. I'll get a pic up later on today but all the items are included, CDs are in good shape with only minor scratches if any. The current ebay bid for Kilrathi Saga...
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    Escaflowne sketch

    Here is a drawing I made earlier today of Van from Escaflowne. I've been getting back into drawing lately and I'm improving(slowly). This one took me about 2 and a half hours. What do you guys think?
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    PSP Command & Conquer

    Can't wait for this one, I would love to play C&C and Red Alert on the go, too bad there's no news of a new title though. The one bad thing is the PSP's battery life, that might become a problem knowing how long some RTS missions may last. What do you guys think? Here is the source PSP...
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    Battlefield 2

    For reasons I don't know EA released Battlefield 2 earlier than anounced, so I bought it today. Anyone else get it yet, and what do you think of it? I love these games anyways but this one is awesome! I really like the feel of the vehicles this time around, and the tank guns don't arc as bad...
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    New Clive Owen movie

    I just saw a commercial for a new movie co-directed by Quenting Tarantino. Its called Sin City It has an all-star cast including Sir Lev Arris. Check it out.
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    2 Kilrah Raids?

    I've been reading through the WC books again and I noticed that in the WCIV book Sosa mentions she first heard of Blair "after the Raid on Kilrah when he and his pilots destroyed the sipyards there". That sounds an awful lot like the Tarawa's raid, but Blair wasnt with the Tarawa. Now was he...
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    Movie Concordia

    In the WC Movie when Captain Sansky views Tolwyn's briefing, the main ship displayed for the Concordia Battle Group is not the same ship that we see as the Concordia. Now is this the same as the games where the ship shown is a Concordia class carrier and the ACTUAL Concordia is a Confederation...
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    Minor Inconsistency

    I have been racking my brain for quite some time on this and still can't come up with anything solid so I'm going to post it for you guys to debate: The Battle of Earth took place during the year 2668. During that time Confed's fighters consisted of Sabres, Rapiers, Broadswords and the like...