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    Not Really Pertaining To WC, But...

    Ok, I've gotten a GeForce Fx5900 to compensate for the rest of the junk I have, until I upgrade completely. Anyway, I can't use it in AGP, all it says in Dxdiag is "Not Available". Could be anything, and I need figure this out sooner rather than later... Anyone got an idea?
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    Favorite Wingman?

    Just curious on who your Favorite Wingman of all time was? Out of any series, I don't care. My Vote goes to Vaquero... Spainard with 'tude.
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    Need a little advice on Capship Strikes... WC3. Usually, I can take down the big boys without too much trouble. Bhantkara, Fralthi II are easy prey for me. When it comes to the Tiny stuff, I start getting in trouble. A Light destroyer isn't too tough, but a heavy is hell, especially in the Excalibur where you get them the most...
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    VERY Frustrating WC3 Problem

    Basically, I was tired of using the Keyboard(And hence having horrid handling, it would take over a minute to do a 360), so I calibrated my Joystick and kept going. Only problem is, my mouse is now acting up. It's a struggle just to click on the killboard. It hugs the bottom right of the screen...