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    Peace with the bugs?

    Hey all, What would you write for the 2nd and 3rd installments of a prophecy trilogy? What would you bring about the bugs ultimate downfall, or the conquest of humanity? Just curious...
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    Hats off to the UE Team

    a great big THANK YOU to the UE team for such a remarkable gaming experience. I finally got to download and play UE Last night. At first I thought, come on, it can't be as good as the original. But I was wrong. I've even found myself whistling the UE theme while I was driving to work this...
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    Take out Sadaam?

    Hey all, Should we take out Saddam? Yes or no and then comment on why you feel the way you do.
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    Terminus - Anyone Played it?

    I just found a Privateer type game called Terminus. Has anyone played this one? Is it worth my time and money?
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    Wing Commander TV Show

    Is this for real? A wing commander live action TV show. Anyone got any details? I scanned the past articles at the CIC but I didn't see anything... Sort of like Space above and Beyond? Take out Kitty von Richter???:cool:
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    A quick question

    I just downloaded Vega Strike and played it last night. Thank you to all those responsible for this great game. However, the thought occured to me last night, why not update Privateer and Privateer 2 to run on Windows 95? I mean, we know old games can be upgraded for the Windows environment...
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    Favorite Fan Project

    I'm a long time fan of Wing Commander, and just recently found the CIC. This has probably been debated before but what's everyones' favorite current fan project? Star Lancer; Invasion; X-wing; Homeworld; or any others I'm not listing?