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    Lame insults you tossed

    Just posting my opinion here, and trying not to critize anyone in the process. What it seems to me is that there are a lot of cadets joining up who apparently have their own ideas about how things should be run, or threads that have been repeatedly ground into the dust i.e.fav fighter or the...
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    The Word Game

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    Fav for the bomber slot

    *looks at millions of other threads like this* My fav would have to be the sabre if you are counting fighter bombers, otherwise it is the crossbow
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    N00bie boy needs help.

    You can get Privateer to run inwindows with myjemm.Look for it in the news or files section.
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    hey all

    Yeah, I think they call it the "Wake-class"
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    Did he or didn't he?

    The name of the alien race was Neliphem. tolwyn probably knew about the stories (in fact, Tolwyn mentioned it in WC4 novel).
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    What do we need.

    Also, you could work on Cat fighters like the Vatari class mentioned in FA. If you notice, not many people are working on Kilrathi ships right now.
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    (W)holy crap

    Ditto, along with Scary Movie 2.
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    Claw Alternate History

    And you just stole Admiral Huang's(I think it's his) idea and turned it into your own.
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    What do we need.

    What I would do is work on ships mentined in the books, and fit them into the universe. But please PM more knowledgable people about the specifications if you don't want you arse blown off.
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    Pet Science-Fiction Game Project

    Few things. First, if you are going to do a project different than WC, then come up with an original technology, not the "jump drive", because then it won't seem so similar. Also, there isn't enough hydrogen in space, so you could use the hydrogen to power the matter/antimatter generator. Plus...
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    I like the first idea, but the second with Maniac and Blair saving the Confederation seems too far-fetched.
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    Well, I have made something.

    Not yet, but we could probably create one in a very short amount of time. Hands up whoever wants to ratify Ghost's law. Now let's see, one, two, three, four...
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    What makes a good fanfic?

    That sounds sorta like New. The main thing about fanfics is that you have an original idea. The grammar and spelling and other things that don't have a lot of impact on the plot can be corrected, as long as you have a good idea.
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    Avatars and profiles

    Also, starting threads doesn't contribute to your post count.
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    Problems Running Privateer

    MyJemm probably doesn't work because you've edited your config file. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your game and then try myjemm.
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    Here's a sequel idea for WC...

    I think that the Lance would still be operating, because Tolwyn has been in it for a while, but that they haven't done any acts to draw attention to themselves.
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    Which game had the most fitting music?

    'Nuff said
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    Proposal: Alternate timeline story.

    Was the supercomputer the same as the one in WCIVN where Tolwyn tells the Lance that there was no way that the terrans could have won the war?(I don't have the game, so I don't know if its in there)
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    Torpedo Capacity

    Maybe they ment that it was damaged by torps in front of Hellhole.