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    Great work, people

    I've actually been able to play Standoff now (at the cost of my school results:)) and I must say I really appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it. Although some story elements are pretty expectable and I wasn't really that angry when one of the characters died, I've really enjoyed it...
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    War of the Worlds

    Anyone seen it yet? I thought it was a very scary movie which made Independence Day pale in comparison. Although I understand in the US there were some mixed reactions. Tom Cruise remains a great actor.
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    Geoffrey Tolwyn

    This has been written by someone in the Wikipedia entry on Tolwyn. Why does anyone think he would reveal his plans which he deemed so neccessary for humanity to survive to the public? Would he go like "Hmm, now they've captured me, the plan is worthless and shouldn't go on?". That doesn't seem...
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    Wing Commander III

    Recently been playing Wing Commander III again, and realized that maybe it's just really the greatest game ever. Defending humanity at the end of an epic everlasting conflict and losing hope with losing the Behemoth and Locanda(optionally). The evil Prince Thrakhath, the betrayal of Hobbes...
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    What actually happened at Custer's Carnival?

    Lately a Japanese Claw Marks manual was translated which seemed to imply the Confederation launched a strike on Kilrah in 2644. But this is contradicted by the Voices of War manual, which says the strike was held against the Kr'azna colony. So which source should we trust? Can anyone...
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    Freespace 2

    This might be good news for the Wing Commander Saga team: Freespace II is freely downloadable off the internet: http://www.the-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/. The site says it's abandonware, so there should be no legal problems downloading it. It's also only 219 MB, which seems a reasonable size to me...
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    Lost fighter?

    I was digging through the WC3 script and looking for segments that didn't make it into the game. I found one reference to a Imperator-class fighter (medium-class?). Apparently when you picked this fighter, Rachel was supposed to say: "You'll kick some ass with that, sir!" OR "I'm feeling sorry...
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    Losing path?

    Just wondering, considering I've only followed this project for a week now, is there going to be a losing path included in Wing Commander Saga? Yeah, probably a stupid question, I know, but: considering the possibilities of the Freespace engine I would love to see some last-ditch effort mission...