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    Red Point

    Is the Red Point mod really Abandoned or is just that the people making it have to much to do and can't put in as much time to finish the mod. If it’s abandoned for good will they give out all the things that they worked on to the wing commander community. Things like the new cockpits, things...
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    A Crazy Idea

    I was looking around the forms and see some of the ideas for fighters. I was wondering why has no one tried to make something out of something more then an image. I maybe out of line saying this but I haven’t seen anyone else say it or something like it. But I think that someone has the skills...
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    I was wondering why no one has ever but that your fighter could be fitted with external fuel tanks to allow it to fly longer every fighter that I know of has that ability. So why not put that into a wing commander game. For those that fly like I do they use more fuel using afterburners then...
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    Convertion Help

    Trying to convert a TigerShark done by CptnEisen I changed the look of it but I can't covert it to Secret Ops C an I get some help?
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    idea of the requirements

    I would like to know if the system requirements for Pioneer would work on an older computer?
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    Seeking Enlightenment

    I don't know if someone all ready asked this but I was looking at the pics at the Fan Projects and looking at some of the pics form the game and some of the ideas that the team had. I was seeing that there's an Arrow, Bearcat, Piranha and a Dragon I know that some of these may have been for the...
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    Progress Report

    I am just look for an understanding if the next chapter is almost finished? and look to understand why I can't use the ship for this game in secret ops it all was tells me theres a file missing even when I put all the file in it?
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    what is this Rigakh I can't find anything on it?
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    A Thought

    I've been visitting this site since i first got internet and seen so many creators making so many wing commander things. I tryed as hard as I could to convert a ship for Secret Ops and could do it, it drove me mad. So my idea of a game/mod died but I was wondering if I could pass it by you all...
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    Looking for Understandment

    I understand that the team that was making this mod has changed there focues on the Starlancer 2 Project but it seems to be a big waste of time that they did all that awsome work and leave nothing for everone to play with to show that they do awsome work. Dose anyone else think that this it true...
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    Requesting Info

    I was wondering if anyone ever came up with a storie about someone behind enemy lines? I think that would be a cool side story for wing commander showing another side never seen before.
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    Unknown Flags

    I don't know if this was asked but I've been looking around and haven't found any signs of there being any flag for the Free Republic of the Landreich after all they've been through they should have a flag and I've never heard of them but the Andorran Republic flag cant be a just the image of...
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    Unable to play FC

    I'm unable to play Flight Commander I hope someone can help me out my computer specs are GenuineIntel pentium II 304.0MBRAM RagePro Turbo AGP2X this is what I have can someone help to get this game to play on my computer?
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    XP Problem

    I am trying to install Secret Ops on my comuter with XP and it keeps saying "This application has failed to start because glide2x.dll was not found Re-installing the application may fix the problem" but I've re-installed in many times and it says the same thing. Can someone help me out with this...
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    Need Weapons ID Scripts

    Trying to make my own ship design but I don't know how to tell it what weapons I want can I get some help with this
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    Looking to Separate files

    Im would like to separarte the all the ships in Unknown Enemy put I don't know what file go's with what can someone help me?