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    X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter

    I found a Midway class STRKC in a mission pack that had the old X-Wing and Tie Fighter missions converted to XvT compatiblity, as well as a patch to fly the missle boat. It bares a striking resemblance to the Prophecy carrier, check out "Missle Boat Diplomacy" in the Imperial exercise missions...
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    Anyone ever heard of the game Hardwar (1998)? I first got a link to it while looking through the Vega Strike website, and it's rather reminiscent of Privateer (trading, shooting pirates, evading the cops, etc). Apparently it's got a small but dedicated fan base who play online fairly...
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    Best funeral, scripted or otherwise

    Which character had the best funeral scene from WC? My personal favorite was Angel's unscripted WC1 funeral, I thought the "I'll never forget you..." line from Blair touching.
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    Secret Ops e-mails

    Did anyone bother to keep the Prophecy Secret Ops e-mails the characters sent one another. They played a small part in the storyline, and I think they were at the download site while it was still legal to get the episodes for free. If anyone knows, drop a link.