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    I just got my windows media player to work, and decided I wanted to again see all of the Academy episodes. However, only the first four are up, and I only have the first one on my hardrive. Is there another way to get the episodes? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    I know that someone probably already asked this, but in the scene in which the BW fleet is attacking the bugs, it looks like there are two Concordia class ships. I am only aware of the Princeton being the only active BW Concordia. Did the BW somehow acquire another one, or is it supposed to be...
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    maybe I am missing something, but can you fly the rapier IV in UE, because it is in the tactical database. thanks
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    Tractor beam

    How do you use the tractor beam in wc2?
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    special ops 1

    I can't get past Ghora Khar mission 2-b. I destroy the Gritkath and the fraltha, but when I autopilot to the jump point, my nav comp always switches back to the Olympus nav point after i arrive. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated
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    excalibur views

    can anyone post top, bottom, side, front, and back views of an excal thanx
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    does anyone know if the academy TV episodes are up yet thanks
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    wc1 & wc2 in xp

    how do i go about running wc1 &2 in windows xp i know it can be done but a dont know how