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  1. Pedro

    A decade of the Wing Commander franchise

    I've just completed running through all of the main range games (and almost all of the novels/manuals/guides, but I'll touch on those in a separate post). It had been decades since I'd played/read some of the franchise and thought it might be interesting to touch on how it changed my view of it...
  2. Pedro

    Request for Flight Stick Information

    I'm trying to add good default keybindings for different flight sticks/ HOTAS setups to the Wing IV Remake Demo. Would people mind posting the string that appears in USB Game Controllers (*exactly* as it appears) here, including the name of seperate rudder/ throttle if you have them. Finally if...
  3. Pedro

    WC4 Demos

    Has anyone had any luck getting either of the WC4 demos working in DOSBOX? If so could you post repro steps here?
  4. Pedro

    Time for Wing Commander 6?

    The switch to real sets really elevated WCIV; but it sure inflated the budget. I think I'd be happy to go back to green screen Wing Commander if it looked like this.
  5. Pedro

    WCP OpenGL Compatability

    Whilst attention is being drawn to the DVD playback issues I thought it would be a good opportunity to also try and track down more general issues that are occasionally being reported. If it works but you need to disable certain options (e.g. FSAA or HDR) please select yes and then detail the...
  6. Pedro

    WCP OGL + DVD Movies

    Trying to get a sense of how many people are experiencing issues using DVD movies with the Prophecy enhancements
  7. Pedro

    "Exciting remasters" One can always dream.
  8. Pedro

    WC4 Remake

    I'm editing this page to keep a single thread for WC4 Remake updates. Latest trailer: Latest shot: Original first post follows: Inspired by Howie Days amazing WC1 project Definance Industries has helped me put together the first bit of a gameplay test of the WCIV remake. It's super...
  9. Pedro

    Your preferred way to play Wing Commander 1

    Putting aside buying a classic PC what is the ideal way to play Wing Commander 1 in 2017? The reason I ask is I recently I tested the SNES version not expecting much and found I was enjoying it far more than the last time I tried (and failed) to do a GoG playthrough; this despite the complex...
  10. Pedro

    Gauging interest in a remaster

    Hi everyone! I've been working with Pete on some modding work which we've finally had some time to come back to. After that however I intend to resign from modding; I'd rather make new technology than reverse engineer old, and I have a game engine to open source - but no game to attach to it...
  11. Pedro

    Wing Commander article at Den of Geek Apologies if this has been linked to before, didn't notice it on the denofgeeks main page until now. I've not had chance to read it yet, but I usually enjoy DoGs articles.
  12. Pedro

    Tarr Chronicles Review

    I mention it because of the introductory line: Wing Commander and TIE Fighter it ain't, but this space shooter still manages to deliver the goods.
  13. Pedro

    Jump Technology

    Apologies if this has been covered before (particularly if its a topic done to death, heck I probably knew the answer half a decade ago), or its just a stupid question, but I'm curious what the official word is on jump time. From the Wing Commander bible: "As has been mentioned several...
  14. Pedro

    Starcraft 2 My top 3 games are: Wing Commander IV Shenmue 2 Starcraft So you can imagine just how excited I am. Loving the art style. Honestly I was really worried we were going to be getting another MMORPG, I'm soooo happy this is not the case; how happy I am that its...
  15. Pedro

    The Tome of Sivar

    Bit of a random topic but is the Tome actually a book as the name implies, or a slab of stone? The lack of indentation in the middle, and the colouration implies to be it is a tablet; but I just showed the scene to a friend and their immediate reaction was it was a poorly modelled book. So...
  16. Pedro

    Call for an enthusiastic modeller/ artist

    I'm looking to work on rendering some wing commander ships as beautifully as possible in real time, I've already implemented a stupidly efficent DirectX9 renderer, and would like to eventually start playing with DX10. But a graphics programmer is useless without a good artist. I was hoping...
  17. Pedro


    Assume this has probably already been reported on (although a quick search of the news didn't show it): Wing Commander is available for $9.99 from Direct2Drive, they even have a trailer up:
  18. Pedro

    Any chance of a widescreen resolution?

    I know we have the high res patch, it shouldn't be all that difficult to change the aspect ratio for the game, given how well widescreen is taking off (atleast I personally know a number of people who've made the switch and most modern games support it and the few that don't there are fan hacks...
  19. Pedro

    Would a Wing Commander 1 update appeal?

    We've seen a remake of Privateer appear already. In many ways it plays quite differently to the original privateer. I was wondering if anyone was interested in a direct recreation of WC1 with no such alterations, just a modern graphics engine. I only ask because next year I have to create...
  20. Pedro

    Request for video capture...

    Is there any chance someone has save games at the planet in WCIV with the tanks and at Kilrah and would be willing to record a few seconds showing both the kilrah bombing run and a fly by of some tanks using FRAPS in say... the next 6 hours. Its not really important, it would just be a very...